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Your Partner for Life

Your Partner for Life

We're with you every step of the way, from treatment to recovery.

About Pursuit of Hope
Get The Help You Need

Get The Help You Need

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Health And Wellness

Health And Wellness

Your overall health and wellness can contribute to an effective treatment and recovery.

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The #1 Healthcare Crisis in the United States is Opioid Addiction

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129 People Die Everyday from Opioid Addiction

177 People Die Daily from Opioid Addictions


Here's How We're Solving It

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  • Personalized Approach to Treatment

    Personalized Approach to Treatment

    Each individual is unique, and our treatments reflect that. We tailor your treatment and care to you and you alone to best suit your needs.

  • Holistic Treatment & Care

    Holistic Treatment & Care

    We believe that recovery is a holistic experience. We help you manage your physical, mental, and emotional health so that you can reap the benefits of full recovery.

  • In-House Counselors & Doctors

    In-House Counselors & Doctors

    All of our counselors and Data 2000 Certified doctors work within our facilities, meaning you can receive the all the help and treatment you need, in one convenient place.

  • Experienced Clinical and Medical Physicians

    Experienced Clinical and Medical Physicians

    Our LLC certified counselors and Data 2000 Certified doctors have over 10 years of experience treating patients with substance abuse disorders.

  • Compassionate & Diverse Leadership Team

    Compassionate & Diverse Leadership Team

    Our Leadership Team is composed of people from different backgrounds of gender, ethnicity, and thought, who understand what it's like to be in your shoes, and genuinely care about your health, well-being, and recovery.


Pursuit of Hope is a rehabilitation facility designed to help treat individuals with substance abuse disorders through drug screenings, clinical observations, medical stabilization, and interactive counseling.

Substance abuse disorders are much more than a fight of the will and how much strength an individual possesses; by understanding that there are factors present beyond the control of the individual, we can customize our treatment and counseling to meet your needs. Through this process, we provide HOPE that leads to a renewing of the mind and body, and a life with stability.

It is our mission to directly influence recovery and personal growth by customizing our counseling and medical treatments to meet the needs of every individual who comes through our facility. We want to be your partner for life, for your life--from the start of your treatment to full recovery.

About Pursuit of Hope

Treatment Services

The Only Opioid Treatment Program That Offers Suboxone In Southern Missouri County, Texas!


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