About Pursuit of Hope

We are a rehabilitation facility dedicated to treating patients with substance abuse disorders through drug screenings, clinical observation, detox services and medical stabilization, toxicology treatment, and interactive counseling. Our goal is to make a direct impact in communities throughout America, by influencing recovery and personal growth within individuals who need it.

We understand that substance abuse disorders are more than a fight of the will and how much strength an individual possesses; there are factors present that go beyond the control of an individual. For that reason, we customize all of our treatments and counseling services to meet the needs of the individual. Through this process, we provide hope that leads to a renewing of the mind, and a new stable life. Because at Pursuit of Hope, we want to be your partner for life, from the start of treatment to your full recovery.

Our Values

Hope. Integrity. Respect. Partners for Life.


Pursuit of Hope has 20 years of clinical, medical, and executive leadership experience in substance abuse disorder treatment. When it comes to outpatient substance abuse disorder medicine, we provide our patients with hope through effective, personalized, and holistic treatment and clinical support.


Honesty and integrity are essential to what we do at Pursuit of Hope. We encourage and support your right to know about your health and illness because you have a right to participate in decisions that affect your wellbeing. We carefully follow all relevant federal and state laws, and we’ve set exceptional standards for our programs that are committed to your rights as a patient.


We treat our patients with compassion and respect at Pursuit of Hope. We know our patients did not choose to suffer from substance abuse disorders, so we continuously advocate for their health, well-being, and recovery from the start of treatment. You deserve to achieve the life you’ve always wanted, and we want to help you get there.

Partners for Life

At Pursuit of Hope, we understand that a single treatment plan doesn’t work for everyone, so we work with our patients to develop a personalized and flexible treatment plan. We partner with local care providers to ensure that patients have complete access to all of the resources they need throughout the course of treatment, from supportive counseling to health and wellness advice, because every step of the way, we want to help you navigate the road to recovery as your partner for life.