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2315 E Mulberry St.
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2620 Cullen Blvd, Suite 202,
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We’re ready to be your partner for living a successful, healthier life! Are you ready to be our partner? Here’s how you can get started:

Contact Us

Give us a call at 832-780-3960 and our team will help you schedule an appointment with us. Please have the following information on hand:

  • Insurance Card
  • Current mailing address
  • Phone number where we can best reach you
  • Your primary care doctor’s name and contact information (Depending on your insurance carrier, you may need a referral from your doctor before starting treatment.)

First Appointment

Your first appointment with us establishes the groundwork for the rest of your treatment. During your first appointment, you will meet with one of our Data 2000 certified doctors. They will perform a physical exam and discuss your substance abuse history with you. They will also address any of your concerns and will afterward decide which treatment program will be best for you moving forward.

Starting Treatment

The treatment program usually begins the next day- after your first appointment. Throughout treatment, our compassionate leadership team will help you as you transition from the substance to which you’re addicted, to the medicine that will aid in your recovery. At Pursuit of Hope, we believe in holistic care, so in addition to your tailored treatment, we also provide one-on-one counseling services and health and wellness evaluations.

Stabilization & Recovery

How frequently you visit our Pursuit of Hope facility for an appointment will depend on your customized treatment plan. When it comes to your treatment, once you and your doctor and clinical physician decide you are ready, we will begin to slowly reduce the dosage of your medicine as well as the frequency of your appointments over time; we will always do this at a rate that feels the most comfortable for you.