Counseling Services

At Pursuit of Hope, we recommend that patients who have become dependent on opioids participate in formal counseling while in our care, and often include it as part of your treatment. You may have regular appointments with an individual counselor or participate in group therapy, depending on the customized treatment plan we create for you. These appointments are integral parts of treatment and work together with your medication- or abstinent-based medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to improve your chances of success. Sometimes, we may ask family members to join in family therapy sessions to provide additional support and information to the health care provider.

Online Counseling

Our online counseling service is a convenient way for patients to communicate and attend regular counseling appointments with our LLC certified counselors from the privacy and comforts of their own home. It is designed for our patients that are either unable to have access to traditional treatment programs, are socially anxious about seeing a counselor in-person, or may want to maintain regular counseling sessions after completing treatment. Some of the features our online counseling offers include:

  • Private, secure video counseling
  • Individual, family, and group counseling sessions
  • Support groups

Face-to-Face Counseling

We also offer traditional, face-to-face counseling for patients who prefer to meet our counselors in person. Personal counseling allows patients to engage with our clinicians, which is beneficial to patients who may require in-person interaction to effectively communicate. In addition, personal counseling serves as a great way to implement a variety of therapeutic treatments that cannot be as easily provided online, including:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • And more

If you or a loved one is interested in beginning counseling services with us, give us a call at 832-780-3960 to set up the first appointment. From there, we will work with you and your schedule to create a consistent schedule for appointments.