May 23, 2018

Online Counseling vs. Face-to-Face Counseling

When we face trials, which is something truly inevitable, sometimes they can be difficult to overcome. Whether they are long-standing issues that are deep-rooted, or it is a recent tragedy, the benefits of overcoming these trials and tragedies are great.

Perhaps at this time, you don’t know whether online counseling or face-to-face counseling would be best for you. Maybe you are scared to meet with another person in either case, but rest assured, both can help you.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Counseling

Face-to-face counseling typically takes place inside of a clinic with a licensed and experienced professional. With this form of counseling, one of the benefits is that you can build a rapport with the person, and with that, there can be an added trust and confidence, as well as emotional stimulation.

Another benefit is that the response is immediate. You can see the person reacting to your words as you speak them, and they will respond to you when you are done speaking.

This manner of counseling is often more intensive. You can get more help for deep-seated trauma and long-lasting issues. A counselor will be able to get to know you better by seeing you face-to-face and will be able to help you more intensively.

Benefits of Online Counseling

A huge benefit of online counseling is that you can avoid the stigma of receiving counseling. Many friends and family members might wonder why you are seeking help or ask you to just talk to them. Your friends and family, however loving they may be, are not professionals in this area. Online counseling can allow you to seek help without anyone knowing, not even your family at home.

With the added anonymity provided with online counseling, you can overcome embarrassment. If you are embarrassed by what happened or are not ready to admit the trauma to anyone yet, online counseling can help you work through your problems little by little without any shame.