Psychological Testing

At Pursuit of Hope, we believe that it is important to fully understand the extent and nature of your substance abuse disorder in addition to how it has affected you and the people around you. Knowing this is essential for a careful, accurate diagnosis, and it also helps us develop the most effective treatment plan for you. This all begins with our psychological evaluation.

Psychological Assessment

Before you begin treatment, our LLC certified clinical physicians will give you a psychological assessment; this process usually takes place during your first appointment with us. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate your psychological and psychosocial health, and determine if there is, in fact, a substance abuse disorder present (and if there is, the extent of the disorder) and if there are conditions or disorders occurring alongside the substance abuse disorder that we should note.

Psychosocial Evaluation

The psychosocial evaluation involves a questionnaire and a clinical interview. During your first appointment, your clinician will have you fill out a standardized form that asks about your current drug or alcohol use, in addition to:

  • Treatment history
  • Medical history
  • Family history
  • Behavior
  • Symptoms

The questionnaire will also ask about how the substance abuse disorder has affected your life and the people around you. Afterward, the clinician will conduct a clinical interview with you, asking standard, open-ended questions that will provide us with more, detailed information. This will allow us to make a proper diagnosis and develop a suitable treatment plan that addresses your needs.

Psychological testing is only the first step to help you start your journey towards recovery. To get started, contact us at 832-780-3960 to set up your first appointment!