April 12, 2017

Starting a Healthy Daily Routine

What does your current daily routine look like? Do you brush your teeth in the morning? Eat breakfast and then go to school or work? What about later in the day? Lunch, dinner? Do you perform any chores or catch your favorite TV show before finally going to bed?

This is what the typical daily routine consists of, although it may differ from person to person, depending on your circumstances and lifestyle. Having a routine is normal—it helps us organize our day and allows us to perform necessary everyday tasks without having to think twice, like brushing our teeth or eating meals. But did you know a routine can make you healthier too?

While you may not consider your daily routine as a way to live a healthier lifestyle, you’d be surprised how much it can help you transition into one; by including healthier lifestyle choices alongside your routine, you can live a healthier, happier life! If you’re having a hard time integrating healthier choices in your day-to-day routine, here are some tips to get you started:

Morning Routine

  • Wake up consistently. Your morning routine should start as soon as you wake up. Start the day off on a good foot by waking up at a consistent time every day. Use an alarm clock to help you out; if you wake up at the same time long enough, you’ll find that your body’s internal clock will sync to that time, and soon you won’t even need a blaring alarm clock! But why wake up at the same time every day, anyways? It’s because studies have shown that you could lower your body mass index (BMI) by being an early riser!
  • Drink water regularly. By drinking water as soon as you wake up, you can activate your metabolism, and reduce your appetite so that you can prevent overeating at breakfast time. If you’re trying to maintain or lose weight, this is an easy way to start.
  • Exercise.Too tired to work out after you get home from school or work? Try exercising in the morning! Some research has shown that you may be able to burn more calories in the morning and sleep better at night as a result.

Evening Routine

  • Complete a task. This tip is for those who are trying to achieve a healthier mind and body! Do something you like, like reading your favorite book or going for a nice jog. Doing so will help relieve any stress that piles on throughout the day, and you’ll be happier for it!
  • Create a healthy dinner. If you’ve got time to spare, try cooking a healthy dinner for yourself! Not only will you save money by avoiding the drive-thru, you’ll be in full control of a number of ingredients that goes into it, like salt or sugars. In addition, anything left over can be used to take with you to lunch the next day.
  • Eat earlier. Don’t wait until the end of the day to eat dinner; by eating earlier, you leave enough time for your body to thoroughly digest your food so you can fall asleep easier when it’s time to go to bed!